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White Coast
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Shirahama, Shirahama-cho, Wakayama Prefecture (special stage)

[event date]2023/9/30 (Saturday)

*In case of rain, postponed to October 1, 2023 (Sunday)

13:00~Local Shirahama kitchen car departureshop


13:00 Start / With the artistBeeChiclean 

14:00 Local Stage

15:40TëKMO+ (Guest)

16:20 Nazuki’s (Guest)

17:00 Lantern distribution begins

18:30 Lantern release 

Nanki Shirahama Dream LanternCollaboration with (held simultaneously with Shirahama Tourism Association))


​Aiming for the most beautiful beach in the world

Summer isn't the only thing to look forward to.

Shirahama Beach, Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture, is a beach with white sand. The music festival White Coast Fest is an attempt to return the blessings we receive from nature through beach cleans.

The Beach Clean aims to be a music festival where people can gather, interact, and have fun.


Guest Musician

<TëKMO+ / Tecmo Plus>

Electropop band formed in 2022.

A band with an exquisite sense of balance that incorporates various genres into JPOP.  

In the first year of their formation, they released singles for 6 consecutive months, and in just 10 months they released their 1st ALBUM ``Mirage'' with 8 songs. And this time, they released their 2nd ALBUM “NexTyle” at an amazing speed, 10 months after the previous release! In 2023, he won the Grand Prix at the 9th NSG☆Challengers LIVE held in Osaka. An up-and-coming pop band that is attracting attention in the future, having won the Audition ROAD TO JAPAN JAM 2023 and being selected as the opening act for JAPAN JAM 2023.


Guest Musician

Overseas YouTube 12 million views
Monster instrument band led by Saxophonist Nazuki
Color the evening in Shirahama with music performances of various genres on the saxophone.
Active as a radio personality in Torrance, Los Angeles

what do you wish forcormorant/Lanthanum
For World Conflict
For Covid19
For Your Family
For You Standing
​Collaboration with Nanki Shirahama Dream Lantern

17:00 Lantern distribution begins (central special stage)

18:30 Lantern release 

​Entrance to the venue is free


Los Angeles TJS Radio

Recording and broadcast from Shirarahama venue to Los Angeles


Parking lot/Access

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