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Saxophone Instrumental 

Nazuki (Saxophone) Yoko (Piano)
Hiroshi Kano (Guitar) Takahiro Ikehara (E.bass)
Crusher Hatai (Percussion) Daniel Asada (Drums)


Nazuki project team


-Producer & Composer-
Takahiro Ikehara (HILOOFFICE)

-Nazuki's member-
Hiroshi Kano Ikehara Takahiro Crusher Hatai Daniel Asada

-Extra members-
Yusuke Tsuji (E.Bass)
Kyotaro (Drums)
Asako (Piano)
Sayo (Piano)

-Cinematographer & Photographer-
Yuki Wada


Kimitoshi Kato

Miho Nakayama, Maya Momota, Itsumi Fukushima, Rika Sakamoto, Kazumoto Otani, Yuya Nakamoto, Chia Asaki, Hayate Fujimoto

Presented by
N-Music Office

Luna~The power of life~

2,500 yen (6 songs)/Shipping included

Dedicated purchase form

​After your order is confirmed, we will send you the bank account details for the transfer.

After we confirm the transfer, we will ship the music CD within one week. If you have any preferences, such as whether or not to have a signature, please enter them in the message field. Delivery will be by letter pack.

GoorderIf you do not receive an order confirmation email within 3 days, please check again. / HILOOFFICE

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